MedStar LLC Healthcare Platform Solutions


A prosperous healthcare brand needs to speak to all parlances around the globe. The diverse team at MedStar delivers clients elite services in a multi-lingual range of English, Spanish, and Arabic.

MedStar understands the laws and regulations between countries are blurring, and we adapt to ultimately deliver you global outreach in our worldwide network of offices, including corporate headquarters in Turkey and the United States and satellite offices in Tunisia, Philippines, Mexico, and Greece.

In our network of offices, we host industry leading call cooridinators, a dedicated content management team, IT support solutions, innovative program designers, internet marketing experts, SEO strategists and a global sales management group and executive business directors.

We focus on brand guidance, market strategy, and creative solutions for select clients in the healthcare industry with primary services in:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  •  Google+ Local Optimization  • Online Marketing • Affiliate Marketing  •  Social Media Marketing  •  Google Adwords  •   Search Engine Marketing (SEM)  •  Web Design ­ •  Graphic Design  •  Content Writing •  Link Building  •  Website Development  •   HTML, Flash, PHP, MySQL JavaScript  • Patient Coordination Services  •  CRM Software Development  • Press Release Development  •  Business Consultancy  •  Content Distribution  •  Branding Strategies  •  + more

We serve individually nominated doctors, hospitals, group practices, and other healthcare organizations and deliver solutions that are seamlessly on target with your needs — and ensure you achieve your brand and business objectives in the most proficient and cost-effective way possible.

It is truthfully about surrounding your brand with a widespread range of services that drive strong healthcare initiatives and strengthening business results.

Patient Satisfaction Drives Brand Opportunity

As part of the MedStar driving force, we choose to focus on patient satisfaction by creating compelling experiences, access to affordable healthcare solutions, enriched education, social media engagement and ideally the ultimate patient-client communication that strengthens the credibility and impact of healthcare today.

If you are a healthcare provider or medical tourism agency and are interested in the innovative ways we can promote your brand, please contact us.